Authenticity . Integrity . Trust

That’s what we at Mirage Jeweler seek to gain and preserve. All items will come with an invoice and Mirage Specification Card that will state the specification of the jewelry bought. GIA / AIGS certificates can only be requested for 0.7 ct or bigger whole diamonds. Smaller piece of diamonds may only come with Mirage Specification Card only.


Creating a personalized and unique jewelry does not need to be expensive. Get your custom jewelry for less than what a “mall store” would charge you for a similar item.

No Unexpected Costs
or Extras

We will be within 10% of the estimate we give you, although, almost all of our projects so far have come in right near the initial quote.

Receive Your Jewelry

Our typical turn-around time is 5 – 15 business days from customer’s design approval. It sure beats the typical custom in-store manufacturing time that may take 6-8 weeks in process.

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